Zodiac Set "Aries"

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Like this impervious gemstone—which is known for promoting clear vision—you are as resilient as they come. Like the mythological Ram, you’ll mine the world for magic, weaving threads of your legendary golden fleece through all that you do. Sun goes into Aries: March 20th - April 18th

Aries Devotional Prayer Saint Candle and Necklace Set

tall black or altar/ prayer candle featuring Aries Zodiac 
Zodiac Constellation Tablet Necklace.

The image is photoshopped then printed and pasted to a traditional "7 day" black altar candle. Placement may vary slightly as these are hand-cut and placed. 

Please exercise caution when handling the candles and in general keep them in moderate conditions. While sturdy, ultimately these are art prints and are not able to withstand moist hot conditions.

If you are interested in custom orders, making a larger order, or have any questions feel free to message me.