Our Story


Mose Mary and Me was started by Stephanie Renee Kauffman during a particularly hard Chicago winter. While Stephanie remains the sole constant of the company, since starting on January 23rd of 2016, many friends and family have stepped in to help in to help when needed. Today, Mose Mary and Me has sold over 25,000 candles, all over the US, in stores in 6 states. 

A little more back story...

December 5th of 2015, Stephanie Kauffman lost her job. She was performing comedy at the time, was broke, and in massive debt. Being the holiday season, she wanted to give Christmas gifts to her friends. Stephanie decided to research DIY gift ideas, but wanted to add her own flair. The next thing Stephanie knew, she had created some prayer candles, with her friends’ favorite icons and comedians on them. The first candle design was Mr. Rogers, then Tina Fey and Beyoncé. She didn’t think much about it at the time, as it was just a gift. But when another friend saw the candles, she asked if Stephanie could make her some candles with her favorite folks on them.

Jobless and broke, Stephanie had to donate plasma, in order to afford to make the first candles for the order. Someone made a Facebook post about the candles, sparking more requests and orders, so Stephanie decided to open an online shop. Stephanie vividly remembers finally having the $13 she needed, to afford her first paper cutter. Stephanie’s roommate Megan loaned her $200, so Stephanie wouldn't have to keep donating plasma, and a few weeks later, Stephanie started selling to her first store, The Silver Room. Stephanie would lug candles on public transportation, for over an hour to get them to the store. Then, slowly over time, more stores, and more candle designs, additional opportunities arose.

 Although Stephanie has hit some road bumps and setbacks along the way, slowly she was able to pay off debt, and even save money, enabling her to rent a cannon laser printer, which has been a life saver. Now, 3 years later, she lives in New Orleans, and has her own office, in her home. Currently, Stephanie has over 300 candle designs, and she sells to over 25 stores. Because of the growth and success, Stephanie has hired on additional help, with which she loads of fun doing this fun little thing, upon which she stumbled by accident. Interestingly, the job she lost in December 2015 required her to wake up at 5:30am every morning, and she was always late, hence why she lost the job. Now Stephanie wakes up at 5:30am on her own, just to keep up with orders. It’s a funny how life happens, but to Stephanie, life is a comedy. That's why, when you look at the candles; she hopes you feel a little light, laughter, and levity in your heart.

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