Guess Dat


Guess Dat is a New Orleans based Drinking + Guessing Game with illustrations from Cain Clement that is now available!

The object of the game is to be the first New Orleanian in your Krewe to pay off all of your overpriced city required auto insurance policy. When it is your turn you will flip over the crawfish boiler timer and have 60 seconds to ask the other players questions about the picture card you will have on your forehead. If you guess the picture card before your crawfish is done boiling, you have a drink to pass out to anyone in the Krewe. If you don't guess before your crawfish is done, you take a drink! If you have to pick a new card, guess what- your auto insurance just went up and a daubloon gets added to your pile and you drink. First one to get rid of all their doubloons wins! Picture cards include well known aspects of New Orleans life such as, “I am a cockroach,” “I am a pothole,” and “I am an Airbnb.” Oh and it comes in a traditional but slightly modified king cake box!

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